TigerGreen started from a little boy by the name of Travis Jenkins. When TigerGreen came about this was not the original plan. You see, he wanted his parent’s to buy him a guitar when he was in 8th grade. His parent’s would not give in to such a thing so he had to come up with a way to get the money to buy this guitar. He lived in a very large neighborhood, Westminster, and decided he would take his dad’s push lawn mower and cut yards to earn the money for the guitar. And he did just that. He would go around the neighborhood and convince his neighbors that they needed to let him cut their yard. He would put his lawn mower in a wagon that was attached to a 4-wheeler. And do you know, to this day, we still cut some of those customer’s yards.

TigerGreen became an LLC in 2007. Travis has grown his company from just himself to having 12 employees. He focuses on performing great work, happy customers, and positive employees. Our focus is to create an environment for our employee’s and our customer’s that is of passion and integrity. It’s not every day that you find a business that truly cares about their work and the people in it.


Company Values - In order for TigerGreen to create a positive environment for our employee’s and our customer’s, it is important that we concentrate and focus on our company values in our everyday workload along with our personal life.

Our company values are:

  1. Teamwork 
    • We believe in treating each other with respect and dignity.
    • Respect differences among team members and customers.
    • We help each other when needed and work together to get ALL jobs done as a team.
    • Doing things as a team will help us grow professionally and personally.

  2. Positive Attitude
    • We are to provide a great working environment on a daily basis.
    • We are to represent our company with a positive attitude personally and professionally as we are always representing TigerGreen.
    • Having a great attitude will make sure we perform to the greatest of our ability but also make working a great place for employees along with our customer’s.
    • Having a positive attitude will help us apply the highest standards of excellence to our customer’s.
  1. Pursue Growth and Learning
    • We are always learning and growing from our mistakes and the obstacles that occur.

  2. Embrace Change
    • We are a growing company. In order to grow, changes will be made consistently.
    • Each employee’s ideas matter in order to continue to improve and grow the company.
    • We need to embrace change in our industry at all times.

  3. Accountability
    • Lead by example.
    • Take responsibility for your actions.
    • We all act like owners, treating the company’s assets as our own and behaving with the company’s long term success in mind.
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